Sunday, March 8, 2009

E-Commerce Policy Awareness & Development Workshop for Enterprises

(May 2 & 5, 2008)

The inspiration to come up with this latest book project, Internet Users Guide to E-Commerce Policies, started in an E-Commerce Policy Awareness & Development Workshop that I arranged for club members last May 2008. I had the opportunity of teaching the same workshop again last February 17, 2009 to one of the biggest banks in the country.

(February 17, 2009)

The value add that I put forward in such workshops, despite being a non-lawyer, was the behind the scene stories of these policies due to my direct or indirect involvement.

Application developers today should be cautious if their programs and output generated can be undisputed as evidence in court - if and when the need arises.

By the understanding the Philippine E-Commerce Law, companies will be able to assess and identify which of their current programs processes information or data that may be required to be presented as evidence later on and ensure integrity by design.