Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change the world (Introduction)

(Introduction draft - work in progress)

You don't need to be a lawyer in order to understand e-commerce policies. It is important to be aware of them as any unlawful action, if caught, may have you be subjected to the penalty clauses of these policies. Furthermore, the government and various interest groups, will from time to time suggest policies with the intent of protecting what they perceived is as good for the stakeholders involved. You can either be at the consumer end just receiving it, or be an active participant in the discussion, or even become a policy proponent.

I always believe that the future belongs to those who have conviction and passion in their role, even as an individual, in shaping it. Changing the world around us, especially in the field of policy making, requires having the guts to reach out, standing by principles, make bold moves, fearless initiatives, and be ready to sacrifice or burn relationship with those who stands your way. It would take building alliances with like-minded people (kings and queens of their own domain) and become a politician as you strive to conquer the hearts of people whom you need support. It can't be done alone.

And so I hope that as you go through the book and understand the policies, it will make you more concern on the Internet and its use today. For the policies I got involved in, insight on how they came about will be shared too.

The 2nd and primary goal is to make an I.T. policy advocate out of you. We always need young blood and fresh perspective. We need empowered individuals who can champion policies because they also have a stake in it such as entrepreneurs, consumers, business groups, users, among others.

They say that a book is not chosen by its reader, sometimes it chooses you. I hope that this will be one of them.